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Youth Connect is an exciting programme that provides young people the opportunity to get involved in creative activities. We aren't just a diversionary programme, keeping young people safe, we offer pastoral support to help young people with their mental health and activities that build their confidence and self-esteem and the skills they need to thrive. 

Youth connect activities take place within 3 sessions:


Youth-Zone Sessions aged 11 - 18's

Childrens Show

Junior Club Sessions aged 8 - 11's

Children Heaping Hands

Detached activities


Young people face lots of pressures in their everyday lives that can lead to challenges with mental health, feelings of stress, difficulties with peer and family relationships and a host of other issues.

Our youth mentor offers one to one support to young people having a hard time, providing a listening ear and support to learn skills for mental wellbeing. 

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We offer a music programme for young people. They can learn to write, produce and record their own music or learn how to play an instrument.

Our fully equipped state-of-the-art recording studios funded by Levi's provide excellent equipment for children to learn and experiment.

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Physical activity

Getting active is an important part of being physically and mentally healthy. We provide activities for young people to do exercise, helping them get active and stay active for their wellbeing.


Learn the new TikTok moves and more. Get active with our weekly dance lessons.

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Young people can get their creative juices going through our drama programme. They help write, produce and perform their own material, having the opportunity to express themselves and develop confidence and creativity.

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Learn how to make diverse things such as a card board picture frames.

Children's Cooking Class

Starting early means young people learn skills for life in the kitchen, tackling issues around healthy nutrition and addressing factors that contribute to food poverty.

Our youth programme is diverse and responsive

As a local charity, embedded in the community we are equipped to respond to changing needs as they emerge, providing activities that respond to young people's needs and passions as we talk to them and allow their contributions to shape our projects. 


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