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The National
Gospel Music Centre

Led by internationally renowned Gospel Choir Director Anu Omideyi, who has joined us to launch the project and building on our international reputation for Gospel Music, Liverpool Lighthouse is working with national parners to develop a National Centre for Gospel Music. 


The aims of the NGMC are the promotion of Gospel Music to new audiences, development of new and existing Gospel Music artists and promoting understanding and awareness of the historic roots of Gospel Music.

Current activities of the NGMC are the development of the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival - the UK's first mainstream gospel music festival, the Gospel Music in Schools project, support for established and emerging gospel music artists through the Lighthouse Artist's Initiative and Vocal Coaching sessions and partnering with the Gospel Music Industry Alliance on the development of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame - an archive collecting, curating and sharing the history and impact of gospel music in the UK. 


Gospel Music in Schools

This music-led project delivered in partnership with Resonate Music Hub will educate young people in KS2 through to 5 (10-18) about the immense contribution made by black artists in UK and international music culture. It will also develop musicality, widen perspectives and provide the opportunity for young people to perform uplifting and inspirational music.

A partnership is in place to pilot this programme in 2 schools from June, with the plan that over the summer a Liverpool Youth Gospel Choir will be established for young people who have been inspired by the school programme. Through sessions outside of school and a free 2-week summer intensive programme, the choir will be prepared to perform at the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival in September, launching a much wider schools programme from September 2023.

The long-term goal is to get these lessons incorporated into the KS2-KS5 music curriculum for all children and young people to learn about black heritage music.

Artist Development

Liverpool Lighthouse is committed through the National Gospel Music Centre to supporting the development of gospel music artists. This is being achieved through offering resources and mentoring via the Artists' Initiative and Open Access Vocal Coaching and developing platforms and audiences development pathways for gospel music artists, such as the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival, local performance opportunties and a national touring circuit.

Anu directs the Lighthouse Choir, which is the Liverpool Lighthouse outreach choir and Love and Joy Gospel Choir, a choir with a 20+ year history in Liverpool, which was recently relaunched under Anu's leadership. 


Are you a singer looking to improve your vocal technique and grow in confidence?

Are you a church, gospel choir or group looking to develop your team of singers?

Led by award-winning choir director and vocal coach Anu Omideyi, open access vocal coaching sessions will take place at Liverpool Lighthouse, Anfield, from SEPTEMBER 2022

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