Who Are We

In 1998, we opened our doors as the UK’s first dedicated Urban gospel and arts centre.

Our aim? To up-skill disadvantaged groups within the community and contribute to North Liverpool’s regeneration through 4 simple tenets:

------ Reduce Isolation

People can feel isolated even when they are in the heart of the city.

Isolation affects older generations in particular and people can feel completely disconnected from their local community.

People of any age can feel isolated and we work tirelessly to involve and integrate people, so they can enjoy ‘feeling a part of it’.


90% of asylum seekers & refugees confirm they are less isolated

------ Develop Skills

The percentage of unemployed households in Liverpool is much higher than the national average and we are trying to help change that.

We offer a varied range of training opportunities, including accredited courses, that will help people take those first steps to employment.

  • ESOL – English for speakers of other languages

  • Arts and cultural programmes

  • Urban arts workshops

  • Employability workshops

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90% of  young people will acquire new skills (essential life skills of performing arts)

------ Community Cohesion

Liverpool is a city with a famous community spirit and we look to play a big part in ensuring it stays that way.


Strong community cohesion is good for everyone and is incredibly powerful, it can:

  • Reduce crime rates

  • Improve inclusion

  • Increase employment rates

  • Bring regeneration to the area


75% of local residents said positive engagement of young people contributes to less antisocial behaviour in the community

------ Engaging With The Arts

Anfield and the surrounding area has been identified as a 'Arts poor' zone. Being in the heart of Liverpool, a city with a rich history of Arts and Culture, we feel a responsibility to bring back the arts to the community around us. 


We believe that great art and culture simply makes life richer, and everyone should be able to experience and participate in it.

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90% of young people entered on Arts Awards programmes get certificates. 

Bright Park is a subsidiary trust of Liverpool Lighthouse.


Love and Joy Ministries Ltd is an associated charity of Liverpool lighthouse. It supports projects with shared objectives run by Liverpool Lighthouse.


LJM Ltd and Liverpool Lighthouse together set up a new charity Lighthouse Harmonize Education Trust. It opened in 2013 and as an alternative provision free school.


LLH Ltd, LJM Ltd, LHET and Bright Park together form a group of associated independent charities.