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Based in a refurbished former Gaumont cinema in high-deprivation North Liverpool, we are a registered charity working with our local community to create thriving communities of people living more fulfilled lives.

As an Arts and Community centre, we use engagement with the arts to improve people's wellbeing, so they can go on to develop the skills they need to meet their aspirations. 


Our projects provide the local community and vulnerable groups with opportunities to develop skills, create and experience arts and culture and to connect with others, integrated with practical support for people in crisis or who need a helping hand. 

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Our venue has a 430 seat auditorium, recording studios, conference/rehearsal rooms and a café area.

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Liverpool Lighthouse aims to be a Creative Sanctuary, offering our local communities, vulnerable people, artists and young people a creative, safe space to develop skills and wellbeing. 

Our programmes tackle the root causes of social disadvantage, creating long-term, transformational change in our community and our city. 


To improve health and wellbeing we provide a safe, creative space in the community where people can come to access practical support and a range of services. Alongside practical support, we offer arts-based programmes that provide social connection, the chance to build confidence and self-esteem and practical skills that help people to improve their mental and physical health and make progress towards their goals. 

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We offer a range of skill development opportunities, including accredited courses to support  steps towards employment.

  • ESOL for speakers of English as a second language

  • Arts activities for wellbeing

  • Employability activities

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Workshops offering support with budgeting, cooking, mental health management and other practical life skills. 


We provide a drop-in support service that can provide practical support on a range of issues including:

  • Helping people at risk of hunger and food poverty with our food programme and community meals.

  • Providing sessions with our partners to offer debt, budgeting, benefits, housing and employment advice.

  • Providing a listening ear, mental health support and referrals to mental health services where needed. 


Before I started coming to Lighthouse, I was lonely. I was just doing nothing and I felt desperate, I had no passion for life. The area I lived in was all English people and I didn’t have any friends. Once I started coming, I would wake up full of energy, I would go to the Lighthouse, it was amazing, my life changed completely.

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Liverpool Lighthouse provides a safe, fun, and creative space for children and young people to make friends, develop skills and enhance mental wellbeing

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Anfield and the surrounding area has been identified as a 'Arts poor' zone. Being in the heart of Liverpool, a city with a rich history of Arts and Culture, we feel a responsibility to bring back the arts to the community around us. 


We believe that great art and culture simply makes life richer, and everyone should be able to experience and participate in it.​

Our artists' initiative is providing space, resources and support for artists looking to develop new creative work and share it with the local North Liverpool community.

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Bright Park is a subsidiary trust of Liverpool Lighthouse.
Love and Joy Ministries Ltd is an associated charity of Liverpool lighthouse. It supports projects with shared objectives run by Liverpool Lighthouse.

LJM Ltd and Liverpool Lighthouse together set up a new charity Lighthouse Harmonize Education Trust. It opened in 2013 and as an alternative provision free school.
LLH Ltd, LJM Ltd, LHET and Bright Park together form a group of associated independent charities.

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