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Youth connect live

Youth connect has put together different themes for each day of the week that pushes young people to engage with a wide-range of activities that help their well-being and personal development during lock down.

The content is aimed at enabling children, young people, parents and families to take part in our youth programme despite being at home. This content is available on the youth connect social channels, encouraging participants to share their progress and involvement.

The weekly programme includes:

  • M.A.D Mondays: we set 3 weekly challenges to help the youth make a difference (MAD) in their household, community and in their own lives. Each challenge will be linked to personal development and well-being.

  • Tunesday: the theme is music, with a wide-range of musical content available including workshops, activities and resources.

  • Wednesday Workout: we encourage young people to get active, taking part in our all age fun live workout, with some extra coaching content available in the afternoon.

  • Talent Thursday: Thursdays is all about being creative, young people are challenged each week to take on a new skill. This helps young people to expand their horizons and helps with well-being and skill development.

  • Family Fridays: we all come together on Fridays for some all age content, from quizzes to games each Friday sets families up for a weekend of activities.

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