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Songs of Healing Concert to share the songs sung at the Hillsborough Memorial Services.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Lighthouse Choir will share the songs from the Hillsborough Memorial Services on the 4th of December at 4pm at Liverpool Lighthouse.

Songs of Healing Concert is a gift to the Hillsborough families and friends and open to the public.

The choir was assembled at the beginning of lockdown 2020 and rehearsed during the pandemic on zoom. They came together Summer 2021 in person to recorded the music .

Ahead of releasing the first song Wind Beneath My Wings this Christmas as a song of healing to share with the nation, we present a free Christmas concert led and arranged by choir director, Anu Omideyi.

For free Christmas Concert tickets:

For more on the choir members and what we have been up to click here.

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