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Six reasons why we should reopen a cinema in Anfield.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Liverpool Lighthouse is currently crowdfunding to reopen as a cinema and here are six reasons why this would be a great idea:

1 Serve our community with an affordable cinema on your doorstep.

2 Bring further entertainment to Anfield. There are no cinemas nearby, the nearest is within the city centre, which is over 2 miles away. Due to having to travel to the city centre along with the cost of this, this is a challenge for the majority.

3 Bring community members together and rekindle relationships after COVID-19.

4 Enhance mental wellbeing, provide laughter and relieve stress through film.

5 Due to COVID-19 many of us have suffered with job loss, however through this cinema hub, opportunities will become available for the community.

6 You could be part of our cinema champion team where there are benefits from having your say in what is shown, attending meetings so you can meet other likeminded people and receive discounts and offers.

To help us bring the cinema back to live and for more information on how we wish to do this check our crowdfunding page

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