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Made of Stars

Liverpool Lighthouse was delighted to host Made of Stars from 22nd to 24th November. The installation is an incredible, immersive experience created by TurnTable Theatre in collaboration with 14 refugee artists. Hundreds of community members and young people experienced the installation during its visit. It has now moved on to Heart of Glass in St Helen's.

Free tickets booked can be booked through Eventbrite and on TurnTable Theatre's website Theatre

We loved having it here and want to send our thanks to TurnTable and the amazing artists they collaborated for the chance to share this unique, moving work with our local community.

Some more information about the installation is below:

  • Centred around a stunning 20-foot pyramid, the piece is an exploration of humanity in the modern world and has been created by a community of global artists who have sought refuge in Liverpool

  • Made of Stars wraps audiences in an empowering sensorial experience that draws on the awe inspiring stories of 14 refugee artists led by Iranian film maker Elia Sadeqi, Jaime Perez Sandoval a radio presenter from El Salvador and Noél Urbain a 3D architect from Burundi

  • Each collaborator’s story, be it inspiring, aspirational or challenging, is woven together, from the depths of outer space to a mysterious radio tower in Southern America, and from familiar Liverpool landmarks to the breath-taking creations of Afghani seamstresses

  • Liverpool-based artist and architect Noel Urbain and Grace Goulding, a multi-disciplinary movement director and choreographer, have worked alongside the collaborators on the piece, as has Nick Knight - arguably the world’s most influential and visionary photographer.

  • A collection of portraits taken by Nick of the core artistic team will feature within the overall installation and are part of the wider ambition of the project to redefine what it means to be a refugee in Britain today

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