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Liverpool Lighthouse is re-opening as a cinema

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Liverpool Lighthouse was previously known as Gaumont cinema and we are crowdfunding to bring the cinema back to Anfield.

We want to transform the auditorium back into what it was when it opened as a cinema in 1931, igniting the communities memory once more.

For this project we will be purchasing a 10 metre Cine Pro electrical screen and we are asking the community to help, through crowdfunding.

Liverpool Lighthouse will add to the remaining decoration preserved, such as the historical box office, a popcorn maker, candyfloss trollies and lighting up the venue outside with a retro 'now showing' sign.

Those who cannot donate can always help by sharing, comment and liking the crowdfunding page to raise awareness.

When people donate the money will only be removed from their account in March once we reach our goal.

For more details on the project and to donate follow link below:

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