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ESOL studies are set to begin on the 21st September.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Our Trinity accredited ESOL lessons will firstly be delivered from home for the with the new devices provided by DevicesDotNow, until it is safe to meet in class. 1) Beginners class - 2 hours per week 2) Intermediate class - 2 hours per week 3) Advanced class - Leading to Trinity Exam and certification will be run for 14 weeks (there will be a fee for this class) 4) We are exploring a possibility to run a Life in UK programme, as preparation to the British Citizenship test In addition, there will be integration activities 2 sessions per week, over 12 weeks with the addition of sport such as netball, football and other community sports and outdoor activities such as visits to park and local sites. To help promote the students well-being and to support their fast integration into the local community.

Beginners will not be charged for lessons and exam but the intermediate and advanced will be charged £35 for lessons and £50 for exam.

You are still in time to apply contact us for application form on ESOL@LIVERPOOLLIGHTHOUSE.COM

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