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Community cinema champion

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We are looking for people to provide a community voice for our Community Cinema project at Liverpool Lighthouse in Anfield.

Anfield currently doesn't have a cinema and based in a former Gaumont cinema building, Liverpool Lighthouse wants to bring the cinema experience back to Anfield. We plan to show 3 films per month, including a family friendly screening, films that celebrate and showcase local talent, history and culture and screenings catering to particular groups with special access needs.

We are looking for a group of community members to advise and support this project through

The role of a Community Cinema champion will include:

  • helping to choose the films we show

  • contributing to discussions on ticket costs, subsidies and audiences for special screenings.

  • promoting cinema screenings and events on your social media.

  • helping with community consultations/discussions with the wider community.

  • providing ideas for fundraising and helping with fundraising activities.

Benefits of being a community cinema champion include:

  • having a role in providing and shaping an important amenity for the community.

  • priority booking for screenings and events.

  • 20% discount on tickets.

Email: to find out more

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