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Choir put together virtually has met for the first time.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

After one year of singing together through zoom, some of our choir members got the chance to meet as we started recording the music for the album. The day was marked by enthusiasm and tears. Once the sound system played back the first live recordings the choir made on the first day, there were tears shed, as it was "too beautiful". Many days singing at home to the screen didn't allow the choir members to understand how "professional" they sounded. Anu, Choir Director, has stated that they did not "sound like a community choir" but rather sounded like a "professional choir". She was excited to think of how it would sound once all the voices were completely mixed and the album finished.

"It was a positively-weird experience. Seeing people for the first time in person, and already having the feeling that you know them after almost a year of Zoom. However, it was absolutely amazing, I feel everyone was really excited. We were all smiles, my cheeks were sore from smiling and laughing all day. And hearing the voices live for the first time was mind-blowing! I left the session buzzing with great energy"

- Neven Tili Choir member

"It was amazing, so so nice to see people in person after a year, hearing everyone voices come together, was so joyful and emotional, one of the best experiences I have had, the solo voices, everyone was just amazing, love it, can't wait to see everyone again in person, much love to you all"

- Anita Hutson, Choir member

"I’m still processing it all. Such a wonderful experience. A once-in-a-lifetime experience really as I can’t ever imagine another time where a choir would begin online and practice for so long without seeing each other. So this really is so unique.

I could tell the quality of the singing was going to be good from the Zoom breakout rooms but nothing could prepare me for how breath-taking you all sounded in person. And that was simply because you’d brought your great voices and natural talent week in, week out and did the work, you’ve worked so hard to deliver the right sound. And you brought it! I will always be deeply humbled by this.

Meeting each other, joking, laughing - with a little bit of crying mixed in - coupled with high emotion all made for an incredible weekend. I’ve been thinking about it all week and am really looking forward to the next round!"

- Anu Omideyi, Choir director

"This was a very special journey to Liverpool for me. I was so touched by how welcoming everybody was and I felt a sense of belonging in my group. The best part was definitely meeting the other singers and Anu. I hope that it will be the first of many"

- Danya Rushton, Choir member

Liverpool Lighthouse put together the Memorial Choir in 2020, inspired by the Hillsborough memorial services in which the Love and Joy Choir used to sing. The choir members were directly and indirectly affected by the occurrence at Hillsborough. Now they are sharing the sounds of the album in hope to comfort all of those who have lost loved ones, not only in Hillsborough but through Covid and other causes.

To learn more about the choir click here.

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