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Activities to with family and friends or alone at home.

Happy New Year!!!

Liverpool Lighthouse is now back online to help and give guidance where we can during these unprecedented times.

One of the ways we wish to help is to provide a list of different activities that can be done from home, online or offline, alone or with friends and family.

We will share different activities every week and this week’s activities to pick from:

Host an online game night

· Invite friends and family to a zoom game night or any other app that allows the use of video to contact family members and friends. You can find more details on zoom here:

· Play charades this is an app we loved using which can be downloaded to one's phone called: Charades App - What am I?

· Bingo. There are plenty bingo templates to make mock up’s from on Google. We’ve however added a few below.

Host a pizza making night

· Share a special pizza recipe and cook it with the company of family and friends or cook alone along with one of your favourite chefs! Check out this tutorial here with Jamie Oliver:

· Plan to buy ingredients with your friends or family beforehand and join them online through zoom and get ready, steady, cook together!

Free online worksheets for children

The worksheet is for different year groups, from year one to year 12. There are different subjects to choose from. Follow the link below to access the worksheet.

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