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Urgent Roof Appeal

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Liverpool Lighthouse desperately needs to raise funds to help cover the cost of replacing the entire main roof on our building, with a new modern roof. The main roof (35 meters off the ground) which covers 80% of the building was low grade asbestos.

The roof had been upgraded in 1999 but over time it has deteriorated considerably, and therefore was unable to withstand the turbulence of recent severe storms resulting in:

- Extensive water ingress problems causing damage to vital rooms and facilities including dance & recording studios, essential stairwell

- Restrictions to use of the main 430 seater auditorium whenever there is heavy rainfall.

A temporary repair work has bought us a few months, but the entire roof urgently needs replacing before the end of the year. Failure to replace the roof would virtually mean the close down of the building, terminating all the services that benefit thousands of vulnerable people.

To find out more about our appeal please visit the dedicated appeal website at

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