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We are here and actively reaching out to the community

Updated: May 19, 2020

Liverpool Lighthouse has been active through social media reaching out to the community to help with their needs during this difficult time, helping ensure everyone is well and keeping safe at home.

Through crisis support we have been directing people to support services including those providing emergency food, essentials, support applying for benefits and financial aid such as debt management.

We provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date information and guidance from official sources so people know what is happening, what is safe and where they can go to get help if they need it. Many platforms are cluttered with information that is misleading and we are ensuring that people get access to trustworthy information through our social media.

We will keep helping connect and support our community through our social media platforms and by other means and below are some further things we are planning to put in place very soon to support our community:

· Social connection through bookable telephone and video call appointments to check in and chat, along with signposting individuals to other services they need during these conversations. The ‘stay at home’ guidelines have created social isolation which can affect people's mental health. Studies show that isolation can have harmful effects on your health, so we’re making sure that we’re there for people, no matter what day or time they need us.

· Online arts and physical activity workshops to keep people get creative. These activities will help those who are finding it hard being at home, particularly individuals who are finding it hard to get involved in positive activities for their well-being. Whether you are alone or with family we aim to raise the spirits of the community and improve people's mental well-being.

· Crisis response programme. We plan to start providing food parcels, debt and employment advice and mental health counselling for people struggling with the financial and mental health impacts of lockdown.

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