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Two new members of staff join Liverpool Lighthouse team

In the last two months we have welcomed two new members of staff to our amazing team.

Sarah recently joined in April as Theatre Venue manager. Previously working as part of the management team for a live music promo company in venues of up to 1,930 capacity, Sarah is confident and accustomed to the venue sector and will bring energy, experience and bubbly enthusiasm to Liverpool Lighthouse.

Achieving a 1st class BA (hons) Degree in Commercial Music and coming from a musical background, Sarah is not one to shy away from the microphone! Bringing arts to the community, particularly to the disadvantaged within Liverpool is something Sarah feels strongly about. Art is essential for everyone and Sarah intends to focus on continuing to bring Liverpool Lighthouse to the forefront of the community and putting the theatre on the map. ­

Anita joined in March as Marketing & Multimedia Officer. She previously worked as copywriter for a company that provides all sorts of services, from design to marketing. She is currently taking her second master’s degree in digital marketing to boost her skills and provide the best service. With buckets of creativity she is ready to boost Liverpool Lighthouse online and offline reach.

Confident in the knowledge she attains, she is eager to help others and believes there is always a solution to an issue. Spreading the word through the masses in Liverpool Anfield area and beyond, speaking is her hobby and she will surely use that to reach many and hopefully help them on their journey to Liverpool Lighthouse.

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