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The Rainbow collective is raising money through their new single to support Help Musicians UK.

“Play That Song To Me” is an original song by The Rainbow Collective who are composed of Liverpool stars and school children, featuring April Moon, Xander and Mike Smith.

The single was released on the first of January and it has been rising in the Amazon charts. The hope is to raise enough money to help the charity Help Musicians in UK during these unprecedented times.

The song "Play That Song To Me" was written by powerhouse Jennifer Murphy and Cassandra Kotchie, is the second release by The Rainbow Collective with the support of Liverpool Lighthouse.

Artist included on the single are Keith Xander from Xander and the Peace Pirates, April Moon, Tina Riley, Mike Smith, and West end star John Coates. They filmed themselves from their home studio across the region and it was then produced by Liverpool Lighthouse star producer Tom Percy.

Help Musicians UK is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres from the start of their career until retirement. They support the artist at moments that could make or break them such as the current pandemic.

The single can be can purchased on Amazon. For those who just wish to donate to the cause a just giving page was put together.

Follow the link below for all the platforms to stream the new single

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