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Thanks to You National Lottery Players!

SELFIE TIME! Featuring staff, artists, choir and community members, thank you all and a big #ThanksToYou National Lottery players!

Through funding we've received through the Arts Council and The National Lottery , we’ve been able to continue to help and uplift the community through covid-19, just some of the things we've been able to do are:

Hillsborough Memorial Community Choir - We formed a community choir over zoom, starting off with auditions, this choir has been going strong since June with over 30 members. The choir are rehearsing weekly in preparation to produce an album come early 2021 to commemorate the 96 lives lost at Hillsborough, all money raised from the making of this album will go to the Hillsborough Family Support Group Charity. Each week, community members are learning new songs, new techniques and because of this choir, new friendships have been formed

Sounds From Lockdown - brought the community and musicians together during the first wave of the Corona pandemic. We asked local people which song had meant the most to them during lockdown. We then teamed up with young emerging musicians taking part in Sound City Launch to cover the song for the community members, providing joy through music when people needed it most.

Anything’s an Instrument – Anything at all! We demonstrated this in a series of videos. Using whisks, cheese graters, baby toys, wooden spoons, soft drinks, wine glasses, a bookshelf… the list goes on! We constructed a song using every day items from around the home.

Rainbow Project – Bringing together over 30 musicians and singers from across Merseyside, this project is currently being recorded from musicians homes – and being produced in our studios. Raising money for Help Musicians, the song reflects on how this year has been for musicians, and their desire to start performing in venues again. Featuring drums from Katumba, who will be providing workshops to young people when we open to the public once again.

Craft Packs - We have delivered hundreds of craft packs and awarding competition prizes for the community over lockdown. Households have benefited greatly from their children having further things to be occupied with by putting their imagination and crafty ideas to good use

We've also been providing online music workshops, tutorials and so much more!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, we're also excited to share that each Friday at 7pm you can tune into our social media to watch live streams from our theatre to your home featuring Liverpool based artists, direct link can be found here to our next stream.

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