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Table Talk: A Conversation About Living Beyond Loss

Alongside the release of the new single, Abide With Me which is available across all platforms, Lighthouse Choir has recorded four episodes gathering people around a table to talk about grief, life and loss. The series, called ”Abide With Me a Conversation About Living Beyond Loss” features choir members, talking about their experiences of loss, alongside professionals who offer their insights about the experience of grief and dealing with life beyond loss.

On last week's episode we spoke to Niamh. She is one of the youngest members of Lighthouse Choir and speaks about her experience of how Covid impacted her education and how it affected the connection between her and her classmates before and after lockdown.

You can watch the episode now

Previous interviews:

Ovie talks about the impact of losing family members, particularly her sister who was at her house the day she died. - Watch it here

Gareth shares his feelings about meeting someone who never made it home, on the bus on the way to Hillsborough to watch Liverpool play on the 5 April 1989, the event that took place on that day is now recognised as the Hillsborough disaster. - Watch it here

For more about the Hillsborough disaster click here

Over the past few years, many people have experienced loss in a variety of ways and have kept all the feelings and struggles inside. We hope that these conversations will motivate those struggling with their loss to look for the right help and people they can talk to. Talking helps!

If you are struggling with any of the issues raised in these conversations, you can contact your GP for a referral to your local talking therapy service or come and visit us at Liverpool Lighthouse to talk to our wellbeing and welfare worker for where to find support.

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