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Perinatal refugee women creating theatre

Liverpool Lighthouse in partnership with Refugee Women's Connect are working with refugee women in a theatre residency on the Liverpool CCGs Best for Baby Too collaborative project.

Animating our puppet with Brian Hanlon

This project is seeking to address the health outcome disparities for perinatal women and babies from ethnically diverse and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These disparities are reflected in the fact that although refugee women make up only 0.3% of the population they represent 14% of the deaths due to complications of pregnancy or childbirth.

The Best for Baby Too project is a collaborative between healthcare providers, researchers, Liverpool City Council and community groups to identify issues and pilot solutions to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies.

Singing rehearsal with Rachel Hilton Who runs Singing Mamas

The theatre residency brings together refugee women and creative practitioners to create a work to explain their experiences with perinatal services and what needs to change. They will be performing their piece for the CCG and health and social care stakeholders at the Unity Theatre on Wednesday September 7th.

Following the performance there will be workshops for the audience, who are decision-makers involved in service development. These workshops will reflect on the creative work shared and explore how to incorporate the experiences of refugee women into plans to change how perinatal services are delivered.

The production will be recorded on video with a view to using it within training for frontline healthcare staff.

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