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Liverpool Lighthouse launches the Creative Sanctuary for Liverpool Theatre-Makers

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Our vision here at Liverpool Lighthouse is to be a Creative Sanctuary for the city's artists, to provide space and support with a free creative agenda for Liverpool theatre-makers, to support the creation of new work. Over the past 6 months we have been piloting a barter scheme, where we have provided artists with support such as rehearsal space in exchange for performances for North Liverpool communities. Artists supported have included:

In the next phase of the project, supported by the Arts Council England, we are throwing open the offer to all the city's artists and offering rehearsal space for £50/day and access to the barter system where artists can contribute their skills or provide community performances in exchange for support for the development of work and access to the theatre space for rehearsals, rehearsed readings and performances.

We are inviting any artists who interested in creating performance work to come for a cuppa, cake and a chat on March 6th from 5-7pm to find out more and explore what the barter system might look like for them.

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