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Liverpool Lighthouse have online speech and drama classes for children ages 7 - 10

Liverpool Lighthouse are running free speech and drama sessions for 7 – 10 year olds in collaboration with Gold Music.

Q: What is speech and drama?

A: Speech and drama is a course that studies a wide range of narrative from poem/rhyme, prose, story and monologues to incorporating physical theatre such as mime, role play and


Q: What are the benefits of speech and drama?

A: Speech and drama will improve and develop your child’s communication and interpersonal skills, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and confidence.

Q: How will these skills enrich my child in the future?

A: If speech and drama training is pursued, you can reach from grade 1 all the way to grade 8 through the Trinity Board for Music and Drama. This is a fantastic certificate to achieve to show a foundation in the understanding of the English Language, theatre, song, dance and field of acting.

Q: How do the sessions work?

A: Sessions will run from 15th April – 13th May, weekly on zoom. You must install a

zoom account ahead of the session (this is free) and you will be emailed an invitation code that you can use to access the group class. The code will be sent weekly by one of our staff.

Email if you’re interested in getting your children involved!

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