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Liverpool Lighthouse cinema crowdfunding hits its fundraising target

Liverpool Lighthouse is now able to open as a community cinema after meeting the target of more than £25,000 to buy state-of-the-art equipment that will transform our auditorium into an authentic cinema experience.

We are grateful for those who have supported our Crowdfunder including Liverpool City Council's Mayoral Fund who have backed our community initiative with £10,000 of funding and local churches Temple of Praise and Christchurch who are also supporting the project with volunteers. In addition to the successful Crowdfunder we have been delighted to receive a £10,000 grant from The National Lottery Awards for All towards the cost of this exciting community project.

Rebecca says

‘We are so fortunate that our venue can once again bring the joy of film to our local communities through a community cinema at Liverpool Lighthouse. It provides an opportunity for local people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in shared experiences which aim to promote happiness – which let’s face it’s much needed. Just to think 90 years later the doors are opening for cinema again!’

The building was previously a Gaumont cinema, dating from 1931. Andy Brown’s grandfather, Charlie brown, opened and managed the original, art deco cinema, a modern icon of its time, and Andy exclaims the joy his grandfather would have had, to know it is still alive as a cinema and serving its community.

“You are doing what Charlie Brown did back then, the cinema was more than the experience of seeing films, it was supporting the community, going out into the community and bringing entertainment to the community of Anfield. He would have been very proud to know that his legacy is still living on.” said Andy Brown.

Community support for restoring cinema screenings to the building has been overwhelming, with older community members wanting their grandchildren to experience the joys of cinema that they remember from visiting Liverpool Lighthouse in their youth.

Crucially, compared to the costs of visiting city centre cinemas, our community cinema will be much more affordable. This will make sure that the cinema experience will be accessible to all members of our community, particularly in these unprecedented times when people are struggling.

- Comments from those who supported our project -

Liverpool Lighthouse hopes to start screenings from the end of 2021, for more details on the process of delivering our cinema project and what to expect follow the link below.

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