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Liverpool Lighthouse chosen to take part in The World Reimagined project - Globe sculpture

Liverpool Lighthouse was one of only a handful of community centres to be included in the World Reimagined project. This project provided a large blank globe and asked communities to paint an image that transforms the way we understand the effects of racial and social injustice and the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on society and culture.

Our Community Connect project participants, from diverse backgrounds, including those with refugee and asylum seeker experience came together in Creative World Craft sessions over a number of weeks. After a session involving poetry and discussion led by Geoff Head our Senior Creative Wellbeing Facilitator a participant shared the idea, "I have a right to live in peace” and this was chosen as the theme. We commissioned Bristol artist, Ali Harwood, to paint the Globe sculpture with the participant art works and ideas refined by him.

Over the following sessions, community members worked with the artist to create images and designs that represented peace to them. Ali has used these images as an inspiration to create a beautiful artwork which will be part of an art trail from 13/08/22 until 21/10/22.


Selected cities will host a trail consisting of ten Globe sculptures, with one for each of the 9 themes of Journey of Discovery and a 10th that will be created by a commissioned artist in collaboration with community groups.

"The trails will be 1-2 hour walking experiences in central locations of the host cities. They will be connected by a digital platform that enables visitors to learn about the artist and their vision;” the World Reimagined

For more about the project click here.

Our globe are now at an exhibition at the World Museum Liverpool until the 30th September. After the exhibition in September, you will be able to visit and look at the globe at Liverpool Lighthouse, where it will return as a permanent installation, to remind us of our commitment to peace and celebrating our diverse community.

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