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Food stalls & delivery, thank you to Wrap UK & Fareshare

We're happy to announce that on certain days of the week Liverpool Lighthouse will be giving out food donations from outside the venue and pinned locations around Anfield.

A Liverpool Lighthouse van will be going around Anfield to reach those who cannot meet us outside the venue, thank you to funding from WRAP UK for being able to make this happen.

To avoid contamination we will follow all government guidelines, this being two meter distance when in the queue, clear markings, signage and all members of staff will be wearing appropriate PPE (masks and gloves).

At the moment we are providing the food every Tuesday from 2:30 pm until 4:00 pm outside the venue.

Thank you again to our funder WRAP UK and partner Fareshare along with M&S, Tesco & Asda (along with other outlets to follow) for making this possible.

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