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Creative Communities for Wellbeing at Liverpool Lighthouse

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Come to Liverpool Lighthouse for our weekly community programme where you can take part in craft, singing, drama, fashion and many other creative activities to help you improve your wellbeing.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays starting at 10am - 2:30pm we have a range of activities you can choose from. Some activities are adults only, but for many babies and toddlers are welcome. Drop in for a chat to find out more about our programme of activities.

We also offer support with food through our pantry and our wellbeing worker can support you with all kinds of issues, from housing to benefits to mental health.

At Liverpool Lighthouse, our mission is to be a Creative Sanctuary, bringing together our local communities, vulnerable people, artists and young people in a safe space where together we can find a path to wellbeing through creativity and community.

For more on what we are doing check our socials.

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