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Church Alliance

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We value your walking on this journey with us and, as part of that partnership, we have created discoount ticket codes for each church. Please use the code afficliated with your church to purchase tickets which will allow you to buy them for £12.50 instead of £15 (single) and £35 instead of £40 (group). To show our gratitude and sow back, every church will receive a £1 for each ticket bought using one of its codes. 

Discount Codes

Foundry Community Church - LGMFFOU

St Paul's Transform Church- LLGMFSTP

Liverpool One Church - LGMFLIV


St Josephs Catholic Church- LLGMFSTJ
Farnworth Methodist  Church - LGMFFAR
Bread Church Liverpool - LGMFBRE
New Song Network Church - LGMFNEW

Widnes Baptist Church - LGMFWID

Temple of Praise - LGMFTEM

Love Assembly Liverpool - LGMFLOV

Dingle Mount Church - LGMFDIN

Kings Church, Liverpool - LGMFKIN

Garden of Hope Church - LGMFGAR

Bethabba Church - LGMFBET

Grace International Church - LGMFGRA

Mision Cristiana Mundial - LGMFMCM

Christ The Good Shepherd - LGMFCHR

Music festival

How you can help

  • PRAY for us, for the festival and for all the related work and activities we engage in.

  • INVITE as many people as you can to the festival.

  • ORGANISE a Church Alliance meeting at your church where we can worship and pray together, we'll provide some gospel music and share some information about the festival.

  • BUY TICKETS - you may wish to donate these to friends, family or colleagues - especially those who would never attend a gospel event

  • DONATE - We need your help as we're a small charity that wouldn't be able to do this work without your financial support. Your giving will enable us to impact lives during the festival and and withiin the roll out of our Gospel Music into Schools programme across the country. Help us infiltrate secular and mainstream culture with gospel music and its message! 



Get in Touch

Liverpool Lighthouse

Oakfield Road (Entrance on St Domingo's Vale)


L4 0UF

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London Community Gospel Choir

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  • How can I get to the Festival?
    Location to be announced.
  • Can I bring my own food and drink?
    Food and drink will be available to purchase at the park with a range of stalls and varieties of cuisine on offer. However, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink to the Festival. We would ask that you not bring alcohol however, the Festival is a family-friendly day out and therefore a 'dry' event. If you bring a picnic, make sure to put your litter in the bins provided and recycle where you can!
  • I have additional needs related to a disability or health condition, can you provide support?
    The Festival will be wheelchair accessible. Accessible toilets will be provided. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide seating at this year's Festival, but you are able to bring your own chairs. If you need help with bringing seating or equipment into the park, or have any other additional needs related to a disability or health condition, please contact us on or when you buy your tickets and we will discuss how we can support you to attend. Guide dogs and support animals with appropriate identification are welcome.
  • Will there be seating?
    There will be no seating in the park, but you are free to bring your own chairs and blankets.
  • What else is there to do at the Festival?
    There is a funfair for children to enjoy on the day and lots of organisations providing stalls with activities and information you might find interesting.
  • Will there be Festival programmes and merchandising?
    A limited amount of programmes and merchandise for the Festival will be available on the day, please buy your items early to avoid missing out. Are dogs allowed at the Festival Dogs will be permitted but please keep them on leads at all times.
  • Do children need a ticket? Can I buy a ticket on the day?
    Children under 5 are admitted for free and do not require a ticket. Tickets must be purchased in advance online, cash on the gate will not be accepted. However you will be able to use your phone at the gate to buy a ticket if they are still available.
  • Can my group arrive separately if we booked with a group ticket?
    Tickets are good for one entrance, at which point you will receive a wristband that allows you to enter and leave as you want. For group bookings all people on the booking must arrive together to scan the group ticket and receive their wristbands as once the tickets are scanned they cannot be re-used.
What is gospel music?

The Gospel Music Industry Alliance identifies UK Gospel Music as derived from the African, American and Caribbean musical experience relating to the Christian faith. It had a profound impact on the development of popular music throughout the 20th century.

The Liverpool Gospel Music Festival, whilst acknowledging and valuing the roots of the genre in Christianity, black culture and spirituality, welcomes people of all faiths, ethnicities and identities.

Why a Gospel Music Festival? Why Now?

Gospel Music is an inclusive, joyful, uplifting, moving music genre that celebrates the stories, histories, cultures and achievements of black communities.

Much modern mainstream music, as well as many genres of music of black origin, owe their origins and inspirations to gospel music. However, these roots often go unacknowledged and unrecognised.

Gospel musicians are fantastic, talented artists, and gospel music is a popular artform, particularly among black communities, but there is no mainstream UK gospel music festival.

230909_theLiverpoolGospelFestival__byTRT (201).jpg
230909_theLiverpoolGospelFestival__byTRT (289).jpg

These are times of profound challenge. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, ever-present racial tensions, political unrest and a cost of living crisis that has many people living in fear, this is now an ideal time for gospel music, a musical genre which celebrates hope, life and love. A celebration of gospel music is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit.

This festival will connect families and communities with music that combines positive, uplifting messages with an unflinching acknowledgement of the difficult realities of the world, creating an experience of great meaning and hope.


It will also, through the allied gospel music into schools programme, bring widespread education of the contribution of black people to the culture and music enjoyed by all in the UK.


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