Providing training, arts & cultural programmes, Liverpool Lighthouse improves the skills, well-being and integration of various disadvantaged groups within the local community.

Below you can hear from just a few of our beneficiaries on the Impact Liverpool Lighthouse has had on their lives.

Family Programmes

With nearest family over 20 miles away, life could get pretty lonely. Liverpool Lighthouse provides a place where you can come and take part in activities and make friends, reducing the effects of loneliness and isolation.

"Having the opportunity to work at Liverpool Lighthouse has allowed me to develop skills I would never have been able to do otherwise. Seeing the work they do in the community and the number of people that benefit from us being here makes me feel proud to be a part of it"

Matt Bentley - Lighting Engineer

Education & Training

Moving to a new place where you don't speak the language can be a daunting prospect. Liverpool Lighthouse not only provide acredited courses in ESOL, but also provide the environment to build a circle of friends which can make adjusting to new surroundings easier.


"I first came to Liverpool Lighthouse to the Family Connect programme where we would have social events, cooking classes and so much more, which helped me with the situation I was in and helped develop some key skills. I have been a part of Liverpool Lighthouse ever since and I am now employed by them, so it really has come full circle and Liverpool Lighthouse has had a massive impact on my life."

Emi Gibbs - Events Administrator

Youth programmes

Liverpool Lighthouse provides a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for the youth of the community to come and interact, make friends, and develop skills that will serve them not only now, but later on in life aswell.