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The aim of Youth Connect is through arts, education and recreational activities to improve life chances of children and young people in North Liverpool. We want children and young people leaving our project to have acquired essential soft and hard skills needed to progress, either in school or on to further education, training or employment.

There is very little provision for young people in our community and they often turn to drugs, gangs and violent crime. In the past, a 15 year old attempted to rob a bank using a replica gun; a gang of 6 young people aged 12 to 15 attacked and sadly killed a 19 year old. In 2007 the Office for National Statistics identified the area in which we are located as the single most deprived in England.  Data from Liverpool Council shows domestic burglary is three times the national average in Anfield. Alcohol-related hospital admissions for under-16s are 2.4 times the national average and teenage pregnancies are 30% higher.

We have been running Youth Connect since 2008, successfully using arts and music to engage young people and help them to achieve, demonstrated by the following results and outcomes ;

  • over 2,500 young people have participated in Youth Connect, 650were engaged with more intensely
  • 89% reported increased confidence and self-esteem
  • 68% have developed a more healthy attitude to drugs and alcohol consumption; 35% have a lower propensity to get involved in criminal behaviour and gangs
  • 40% of those aged 16+ progressed to Education, Employment or Training; there were school evidenced reports of improvement in behaviour of younger ones in schools

As a result of our success, we are delighted that Youth Connect has been recognised by Merseyside Police for its contribution to crime reduction:

  • we have received two police awards, one in 2010 and one in 2012, for providing positive role models
  • football match-day car crime has reduced by 75%

When we asked young people in the target area what they wanted, 88% told us they want ‘more clubs and safe places to hang out’ and 92% expressed an interest in the urban arts (street dance, rapping, MCing and DJing). Youth Connect uses young people’s interests to initially engage them, introduce them to a wider programme of support, helping them gain skills to move on in life.

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