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Liverpool Lighthouse targets children and young people from the wards of Anfield, Everton, Kensington and Fairfield (in the top 5% most deprived wards in Britain).

Among young people, some are estimated as NEET (not in education, employment, training); 43% come from homes technically in poverty; up to 49% will regularly use drugs/alcohol and be close to dependency; a significant number would become involved or affected by street gangs or anti-social behaviour.

What We Do

In addressing these challenges we have developed a number of exciting activities for children and young people (aged 10-18) –

  • Drop in youth café
  • Urban arts workshops – dance, drama, singing, djing, recording, music band
  • Education enhancement activities – equestrian, language, homework
  • Employability workshops – industry visits, job skills development
  • Health & well being sessions with issue-based groups, trips and one-to-one support/mentoring.
  • Crime and consequences programme, including peer leadership and volunteering
  • Youth concerts, shows, festivals
  • LSP – Lighthouse Studio Project


Good results for us are measured in terms of young people acquiring new skills; developing increased confidence and self esteem; successfully disengaging from gangs; showing changed behaviour to use of alcohol and harmful street drugs; equipped to make positive lifestyle choices; contributing positively to wider community.


Harmonize Education Project 

In April 2006, Liverpool Lighthouse piloted an alternative education programme and spent the next 7 years developing it into a very successful project which enrolled over 600 young people aged 12-18 who found main stream education very challenging. In 2011, we began the process of applying to the Department for Education to register the provision as an Alternative Provision Free School. We achieved first an Independent School status in December 2012, and finally became an Academy Free School, Harmonize Academy in April 2013. All our enrolled students in April 2013 transferred to the new school in a newly refurbished building, formerly part of Fairfield Centre in Kensington-Fairfield Ward of Liverpool. The school was formally opened in 2014.

We are thankful to so many organisations and individuals that supported the project financially and in other ways over the 8 years as a Liverpool Lighthouse project. Thanks to you, we now have a new school that will be around for many years to come, turning around the lives of the most vulnerable young people in our city.

For more details on Harmonize Academy you can visit their website at

Opening Hours

Our Office hours are:
9am - 5pm
Tuesday to Thursday.
Our main office number is 0151 476 2342

If your call cannot wait until usual office hours you can call:
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