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Our projects and activities contribute to fight against obesity, heart diseases and mental health. We are seeing vulnerable elderly break free from loneliness and isolation, now frequently engaging in community activities, developing new friendships, acquiring skills through volunteering and even taking active responsible roles in other community organisations.  In this challenging economic climate, families are being supported with not just food, but acquiring knowledge on managing household budgets at the same time as providing healthy menus for their families.  Several report improved fitness, loss of weight, and improved sense of well being with reduced visits to their GP’s.


Anfield is the 4th poorest ward in Liverpool for shorter life expectancy and 5th worst ward for mortality from circulatory diseases, strongly linked to diet

BMI index in the area shows that 31.8% of residents are overweight and 16.7% obese

In an area of high unemployment, low wages, tough economic times, many families are experiencing difficulties in finding money for food.


    • Weekly  food-bank for families in need
    • Cooked 3-course meals for up to 50 families every other month
    • Weekly card and craft classes for several groups
    • Big Tea Dance event for the elderly every month with contributions from organisations providing services
    • Various health and wellbeing advise sessions with professionals – addictions, stress, physical health, fuel poverty
    • Healthy cooking classes on a budget for families
    • Weekly dance classes for all
    • Singing classes with our Kaleidoscope Community Choir
    • Free tickets to attend arts and culture events at our venue
    • Debt advice with ‘managing your budget’ tips
    • Inspirational days out for older folks
    • Whole family parties every quarter


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