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Christmas Events 2018

On the 24th December 1998, Liverpool Lighthouse opened its doors for the first time.
Our aim? Up-skill disaffected groups within the community and contribute to North Liverpool’s regeneration through 3 simple tenets: Engage. Inspire. Improve.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we’re holding a month of celebrations – and we want you to be a part of it! 

We’d like to invite all of our friends from the community to join us across December for festive gatherings, reflect on 20 years Liverpool Lighthouse in the community and make memories together that will last for 20 years more.

Please see below for our full list of fun-filled Christmas events: 


What is it?

When is it?

Sunday Christmas Special

Christmas Carol service with the Love & Joy Gospek Choir and Lighthouse Community Choir

9th December

Mince pies from 11:30am
Service starts 12 noon

Children’s Thanksgiving Concert

Bring your children down to Liverpool Lighthouse for a festive sing-along! 

16th December

Supporters Meal

A special invitation-only meal for supporters of Liverpool Lighthouse


Harmonize Academy Carol Service

Students from the outstanding alternative education school Harmonize Academy will perform a festive carol service for the community

20th December

Watchnight Service

Reflecting on 20 years to the day Liverpool Lighthouse has been a beacon for the community, join us for a late night Christmas service.

24th December

For more information on any of our events, click here to contact us:

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