Engage. Inspire. Improve.

The U.K.’s first dedicated Urban gospel music and arts centre, Liverpool Lighthouse works with disaffected groups and contributes to the regeneration of North Liverpool.

In 1998, the UK’s first dedicated Urban gospel and arts centre opens its doors.
It’s aim? Up-skill disaffected groups within the community and contribute to North Liverpool’s regeneration through 3 simple tenets: Engage. Inspire. Improve.

Read on to find out more about our aims: 

Reduce Isolation

People can feel isolated when they are in the heart of the city, surrounded by people. Isolation affects older generations in particular and people can feel completely disconnected from their local community.

Anybody of any age can feel isolated and we work tirelessly to involve and integrate people, so they can enjoy ‘feeling a part of it’.

Breaking down barriers

We help people with language barriers to develop their English skills, so that they can interact with their neighbours, improve chances of employment and feel welcome in our wonderful city.

Develop skills

The percentage of workless households in Liverpool is much higher than the national average and we are trying to help change that. We offer a varied range of training opportunities, including accredited courses that will help people take those first steps to employment.

ESOL – English for speakers of other languages

  • GESE preparation courses

  • Accredited levels B1 & B2

  • Integration activities, exercises and choir sessions

Arts and cultural programmes

The Lighthouse Studio Project gives youths a chance to make their own music. The next Ed Sheeran or Aretha Franklin could be honing their skills in the recording studio right now!

Learning music not only develops skills, it brings positivity and fun into lives.


Urban art workshops

From dance classes, to drama sessions, the Liverpool Lighthouse has something to ignite the spark in everyone. Here people can discover talents they never knew they had, or provide a kickstart to follow their dreams.

Employability workshops

We provide a helping hand to those who might be struggling to find the right job. Through industry visits and job skills development, we try to give people the chances that they need to achieve.

Community cohesion

Liverpool is a city with a famous community spirit and we look to play a big part in ensuring it stays that way. Strong community cohesion is good for everyone and is incredibly powerful, it can:

  • Reduce crime rates

  • Improve inclusion

  • Increase employment rates

  • Bring regeneration to the area

We work continuously on new opportunities to help bring our communities together through a range of activities and programmes. Our festivals attract thousands to the area and help the local community to thrive.